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Whole-animal butchery, a long lost craft, is making a comeback. We are seeing chefs learning to butcher and utilize the whole animal; we’re celebrating the opening of artesian butcher shops (think New Orlean’s Cochon Butcher and Publican Quality Meats in Chicago); we’re reading entire cookbooks dedicated to the art of the animal (see Adam Danforth’s animal butchery series, Jennifer McLagan’s Fat: An Appreciation of Misunderstood Ingredient and Chris Consentino’s Offal Good: Cooking from the Heart, With Guts).


We, as chefs, servers, patrons, and home cooks, are asking where our food comes from. We are asking, where do our eggs come from, and how do the chickens live? What does our pork eat? Where does our beef live?
Whether we are visiting the local farmer’s markets on spring weekends or just choosing the free-range or organic version of a big name-brand, we as eaters are wondering where our meat comes from. Is the meat we eat responsibly sourced, ethically raised, sustainable, organic, free-range? Does the raising of these animals hurt or heal the earth? How can we feel good about the meat we eat, knowing that our choices make a difference in the world?


As a respected and in-demand consultant, I will help you connect to the hardworking ranchers that represent your values, so you feel good about the meat that you’re eating and serving. I’ll even teach you how to create value-added products so you make more money. As an experienced butcher, I’ll teach you to utilize the whole animal to get the most bang for your buck (pun intended). As a trained chef, I create one-of-a-kind meals and experiences for you and your loved ones, from high-end, intimate coursed private dinners rivaling the best restaurants in the world, to unforgettable outdoor events featuring whole animals roasted an open fire. As a professional salumiere, I can teach you to cure meat not just for preservation but because cured meat is some of the most delicious you will ever taste. How can I help you?

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