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Private Chef 

Let me make your life easier. I can help you host an intimate dinner, throw an unforgettable outdoor event, or help you plan and prepare meals for your whole family at home. How can I help you?

What you need:
“I’m hosting a special dinner (such as an anniversary or birthday) and want a fine dining experience in my home. I am celebrating with close family and friends and want to provide an experience that rivals that of the best restaurants.”

What I offer: Sounds like you need something special. I provide private, high-end, coursed dinners with wine pairings and personalized menus for your intimate meal. We take the pressure off you by expertly cooking an extraordinary, restaurant-quality meal so you can focus on celebrating with your loved ones. We provide all the staff, we prep, cook and clean all in your home for your special event. 


What you need: “I’m throwing an outdoor event (such as a wedding) and want to roast a whole animal over fire. I need to feed lots of people and I want to make it an unforgettable party!”

What I offer: Sounds like a blast! I’ll roast a whole animal of your choice, sourced responsibly from local ranchers, cooked over open fire at your event location. This is the best way to feed a large group people, and it is also a ton of fun and guaranteed to make your event memorable! We provide options of seasonal sides, desserts and beverages so you can pick what you’d like for your party. We provide all the staff, we prepare the food, we cook  the food and clean up at your special event so you can focus on throwing the party of the century!



What you need: “I want help cooking for my family at home.”

What I offer: Ah, the eternal question — what to eat? And moreover, what to cook for your family? I offer customized, weekly meal planning and execution of prep to make your nightly meals a breeze (no more chopping onions or slaving over a sauce!) I can accommodate any size family and dietary preferences to help make your life easier. Not only do I help make your life easier with meal preparation, I help you find the best quality food to feed your family by connecting you with local farmers and ranchers. This is the best opportunity to connect with your local producers and put your dollar back into your community where it counts.

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